I samarbete med Täby Ryttarcenter kommer vi att anordna en workshop med Zuzana Suzan från Tjeckien fredag 15 September.

Det är en heldags workshop varvat teori och praktik. Temat är ”Movement strategies For Riders”. WS kommer hållas på Täby Ryttarcenter kl 8:30 – 17:30. Kostnad är 1000 kr. Anmälan är bindande och sker till malin@sjostadenskiropraktik.se
Max 15 deltagare.

An independent seat is essential for successful riding no matter your discipline. Balanced seat is combination of movement strategies when some body parts must harmonize with the horse through the suppleness and mobility and other parts must work to maintain postural stability to channel the flow of the horse movement in right direction. Correct horse movement can be only brought up by the correct rider biomechanics and for the rider to achieve this is every bit as much of training process as is that for training horse. Lets not focus on how your horse go for a while and let us help you to develop the movements skills to achieve this magical unity and harmony with your horse partner when climbing up the training scale together.

Course objectives:
• Core strength and stereotype of breathing in relationship with the riders spine, pelvis and head position
• Pelvis position and 3D movement in the hip joints according with the horse back
• Position and function of the leg – creating the right support in the stirrup in combination with giving the leg aids
• Hand position and dynamic when keeping contact on the bit
• Horse biomechanics and Riders posture and aids during the bending and lateral work
• Explanation and corrective strategies of common rider seat mistakes as piano hands, bouncy hands, leaning back in the saddle, fork seat, chair seat, bouncy lower leg, pulling of the knee and heel up….
Practical workshop:
Exercises designed for riders to develop:
• Core strength together with breathing stereotype, neutral spine position
• Hip mobility and active stretch of the tight muscles typical for riders
• Support function of the foot with mobility on the ankle and knee
• Simulation of the hand and leg aids together with the right weight bearing distribution during basic dressage exercise like circle, bending lines, half pass and more.